About Us

ecoHaven wants to make a difference and support those who shop for eco-friendly and sustainable products in Hobart. Established in 2007 and still going strong.

We strive to ensure ecoHaven is curated with the emphasis on eco-friendly, sustainable and quality products to enhance your life. 

ecoHaven is the premier eco-fashion boutique in Tasmania with an emphasis on merino wool, organic cotton, bamboo, possum, modal, linen, cashmere, recycled and reused fabrics. The fashion is supported by a carefully curated selection of skin care, cosmetics, accessories, gifts and natural baby products.

Each product and supplier has been carefully selected to ensure it fits our ethos of :

  • sustainable;
  • organic;
  • recycled;
  • ethically manufactured;
  • exceptional quality:
  • supports a local community;
  • Tasmanian in the first instance and then it is where we find the best product offering we can. 

Now that we've done all of the leg work for you, you can come in and relax and know that you can safely indulge in some retail therapy with a conscience.


27 Murray St, Hobart Tasmania 7000