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Conscious Step

Conscious Step | Socks


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Each pair of Conscious Step socks is uniquely designed, ethically manufactured and partnered with a first-class non-profit to fund impact for the world’s biggest challenges - the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. 

Key features:

  • Crafted from high quality GOTS organic cotton;
  • 168 needle thread count with reinforced heels and toes;
  • Manufactured in Fair Trade certified conditions;
  • Fit Men's US shoe size 8-12 and Women's US shoe size 9-13

Socks to educate children - Each pair donates the equivalent of two books to schoolchildren in Asia through Conscious Step’s impact partner, Room to Read.

Socks to fight hunger - Each pair provides six therapeutic food packs to malnourished children through Conscious Step’s impact partner, Action Against Hunger.

Socks to plant trees - Each pair plants 20 trees in Kenya through Conscious Step’s impact partner, Trees for the Future.

Socks to combat AIDS -  Each pair provides a week of HIV treatment to a pregnant woman through Conscious Step’s impact partner, UNAIDS.

Socks to give clean water - Each pair provides 18 months of clean water to someone without this basic human necessity through Conscious Step’s impact partner, water.org.

Socks for Global Citizens - Each pair seeks to raise awareness about poverty and create a global community with Conscious Step's impact partner Global Citizen.

Socks for Disaster Relief - Each pair provides resources needed for immediate assistance following natural disasters with Conscious Step's impact partner Oxfam.

Socks for Ocean Protection and Socks for Ocean Protection 2- Each pair provides resources needed preserve and restore the world's oceans with Conscious Step's impact partner Oceana. 

Socks that Treat Malaria - Each pair of these limited edition socks help fight for a world without malaria, with Conscious Step's impact partner Malaria No More.

Socks that Conserve Rainforests - Each pair helps protect tropical rainforests with impact partner Conservation International.

Socks that treat HIV - In collaboration with UNAIDS, these socks provide 7 days of HIV/AIDS therapy, preventing transmission from mother to child. 

Socks that protect sharks - Each pair of these crew socks helps protect sharks through Oceana’s work restoring the world’s oceans. Don’t worry, these shark socks won’t bite!

Socks that help Dogs - Each pair of socks donates to a local dog shelter around NYC.

Socks that Give Books 3 - provide one book to children in Asia through the work of Room to Read.

Socks that fight Malaria II - each pair fuels the fight to help end malaria deaths once and for all.

Socks that protect elephants - protects elephants by empowering the wildlife rangers that care for them through the work of Conservation International