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Work-day lunching around Hobart

We try our best to bring lunch in to work, but sometimes time gets the better of us - or it’s Friday and everyone deserves a lunch time treat on Friday, right?

A work lunch usually has to follow a few criteria: it must be close to work, delicious, filling, healthy(ish), come out nice and quickly and be transportable with minimum hassle and plastic packaging. Here's our list of where we like to treat ourselves come lunch-time. 


Pulp Friction
 Want nourishing smoothies, delicious juices and hearty, flavour-packed, non-boring salads? The team at PulpFriction are the best in the biz. Their lunch boxes are great, with a little serving of their best salads plus some corn chips and hummus and will leave you feeling happy, nourished and fuelled up. I probably should be giving medical advice, but the Dark Matter smoothie is bursting with goodness and is a go-to when you’re feeling run-down or a bit sick and will help you power through the afternoon with gusto and aplomb.



Dandy Lane

Oh-so close and oh-so delicious, Dandy Lane are a welcome food venue in our part of town. Their takeaway choices are extensive with fresh and delicious salads, hot soup, chia puddings and tempting sweet treats. If you have time to eat in, do try their cornbread with chipotle mayo, poached eggs and avocado salsa. Seriously delicious stuff.


Kinoko Deli

Kinoko Deli serves up the Japanese takeaway goodness day in, day out and make the best (and fastest) bento boxes in town.  There’s always so many good flavours on offer it can be hard to choose, but ecoHaven staff particularly love the wakame salad, vego dumpling salad and the grilled sweet potato salad with home made Mentsuyu dressing. Yum! Kinoko Deli also have a great selection of sake, which I understand is not a good lunch choice if you’re heading back to work, but does make a nice treat to take home.


Daci & Daci

The 5 minute walk to Daci & Daci is worth it and the short hill on the way back makes us feel better about ordering that sweet treat too. Known for their deliciously decadent pastries and cakes, Daci and Daci also do really good sandwiches and salads. Their sea salt focaccia with hummus, spinach, roast pumpkin and marinated eggplant puts my homemade sandwiches to shame and their salads are simply amazing. 

  • EcoHaven's favouritesGood foodHobartlove localTasmania

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