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Explore Tasmania: The Three Capes Track

Explore Tasmania. Three Capes Track

At first we thought it was an anomaly but over the past few weeks we’ve noticed a pattern: groups of kind, hilarious and wonderful women coming into the store, talking excitedly and beaming ear to ear. It turns out these women have all recently done the Three Capes Track. Yep, in our books, anyone who does the Three Capes Track is downright awesome! With groups sporadically entering the store, we became curious and asked more questions about the walk. Here's what we found out and why we're eager to give the walk a go too.

three capes walking track

The Three Capes Track isn’t your everyday bush walk, its 4 days, 3 nights and 46 kilometres of coastal wilderness unlike anything else. Set in Tasmania’s far south-east, the track winds around cliff faces and lush forests, taking you on a journey of dolerite peaks, majestic tree-scapes and cliff-side whale watching opportunities. 

The journey begins and ends at the Port Arthur Historic Site with a Pennicott Wilderness Journeys’ boat delivering you to the start of the track. The tracks are beautifully built and well kept with the overnight stops providing dining tables, gas cooktops, cooking utensils and even mattresses for a wonderful night’s sleep. The track is never crowded with a limit of 48 people booked to start the walk each day and there are also spaced departures for group privacy.

Three Capes Track whale watching

I talked to customers about their favourite parts of the walk and their answers differed greatly, although all mentioned how the shared experience deepened, strengthened and renewed their friendships. One woman talked of the salty breeze whipping up the side of the cliff and the roar of the ocean below, the loud, moving, sheer wild-ness of it all bringing her to tears. Another woman talked of her joyous beach swim at the end of the trip before the bus came to pick her up. The cold, turquoise waters, tree lined cove and great big sky above setting the perfect end to her journey. After chatting to these customers I was completely sucked in and immediately started making mental notes for my own trip.

All wilderness photography in this blog post is from the Three Capes Track website, which has all the necessary information to get you prepared for your next journey to the far south-east. Have you got any Three Capes related stories or tips? Make sure to say hi and let us know in the comments below.

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