• Embracing winter in Hobart
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Embracing winter in Hobart

I’ve been feeling down about winter lately. The dark days, cold mornings and the lack of tomatoes in my garden tends to put a damper on my spirits. Winter in Hobart can be hard. After wallowing in self-pity I decided to write a list detailing my favourite things about winter in Hobart… and you know what, I’m now feeling so much more excited for the season. Hopefully it will inspire you to take your Vitamin D, put on a beanie and embrace the season too!

Have fun in the snow on Kunanyi/Mount Wellington

Snow on the mountain = hours of free and fun entertainment. Hiking, throwing snowballs and generally being silly in the snow are some of the most wonderful joys of winter. Extra points if you build a snowman, then brag to all your mainland friends about all the fun you’ve been having in the snow.

Sip hot drinks in warm cafes

What’s better than a midday coffee at Villino? Some quiet ‘me time’ with a pot of tea and a book at Pollen Tearoom? A matcha Latte with friends at Honeybadger? A quick trip to Coal River Farm for a mug of their house made dark chocolate, cinnamon and chilli hot chocolate? Yum! Winter is a great time to have a hot drink in a warm cafe and lucky for us, there are plenty of hot drink and warm cafe options around.

Explore MONA's Dark Mofo Festival

Art, darkness, music, movement, weirdness and a great selection of food trucks. Although not every exhibit is suited to everyone, there’s something wonderfully exciting about getting out of my ‘netflix and chill’ winter evening routine and exploring the dark and unknown with thousands of other Dark Mofo pilgrims.

Cook with fire

Winter food can mean different things to different people, but for me, it’s about fire-cooking. There’s something unforgettable about roasting potatoes, damper, chestnuts and marshmallows over a bonfire in the backyard, charcoal flavouring your food in the most glorious way and woodsmoke in your hair. A grown-up version of a backyard bonfire is dining at Franklin restaurant, where you get to watch some very clever chefs cook before your very eyes. Franklin uses a wood-burning oven that keeps the restaurant feeling cosy and makes your fresh, local and seasonal meal unforgettably smokey and delicious. 

Swan around in winter fashion

It’s time to get snuggly! Gorgeous coats, soft scarves, beautiful boots and cozy socks. For me, winter fashion means being able swan about in lovely clothing that doesn’t see the light of day in the warmer months (hello cashmere sweater), but it also means getting away with things. Got messy hair? Put on a beanie! Don’t want to get out of your ugly ‘home clothes’? Just put a jacket on over the top! Fingernails looking ratty? Gloves! Didn’t shave your legs? No one will know under those thick and warm leggings. As the days get colder I’m looking forward to being fashionably lazy.

Enjoy a tipple

Is there anything more joyfully hedonistic than sipping fine Lark Distillery whisky in front of an open fire? How about some mulled wine after a dance at Rektango or hot apple cider at your local pub? There is so much pleasure in drinking something warming and alcoholic on a cold day and I’m looking forward to enjoying more of these beverages.


Here's to a joyful winter in Hobart, full of hot drinks, snow adventures and snuggly winter clothing. Is there anything else you can’t wait to do this winter in Hobart? Let us know with a comment below.

  • Good foodHobartlove localseasonalTasmaniaWinter

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