Hobart Gal’s struggle with a Capsule Wardrobe

I really want to be a capsule wardrobe person, I do! I just can’t seem to make it work. I’m not here to berate this way of dressing/living, I just don’t think it works for me, at least for the moment.

If you’re new to the concept, a capsule wardrobe is a small, intentional and seasonal collection of clothes, shoes and accessories that you pick out of your wardrobe and wear for 3 months. Simple living advocate Courtney Carver is the queen of capsule wardrobes and I encourage you to check out Project 333 if you want to learn more.

It was the benefits of a capsule wardrobe that piqued my interest in the first place. Who doesn’t want to make mornings simple, reduce decision fatigue, have an uncluttered closet and figure out what matters? It felt like if I could simplify this part of my life, I could free up time, become a decisive person, spend more time in the morning doing yoga and drinking tea instead of creating a panick-induced nest of discarded clothing around my ankles each morning. Here’s why I can’t seem to stick to a capsule wardrobe at the moment:


The Tasmanian weather is just too unpredictable 

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a cop-out statement. I’m sure it IS possible with the right collection of clothes, but when trialling a capsule wardrobe in the past, the weather just kept throwing meteorological curve-balls. Perhaps winter would be a better season to trial a capsule wardrobe in Tasmania, rather than spring or autumn when the weather can range in temperatures between 4 and 34 degrees C. 


I have lots of gaps in my closet

My wardrobe is slowly becoming more ‘curated’, but it’s still a bit of a jumble. I have certain tops that only work with certain bottoms and those shoes that only work with those pants, making my clothing combination options limited despite having plenty of clothes.

If I wanted a very small, curated closet I’d probably have to purchase some hardworking basics to bridge the gaps. This sounds like a simple solution, but I don’t want to waste what I already have or have to get rid of clothes that I still wear, just not with many different outfits. From a sustainable and financial perspective, it makes more sense for me to make do with what I’ve got and purchase more ‘hardworking’ clothes as I need them. 


My body keeps changing

No, I’m not going through adolescence or pregnancy. Due to my health at the moment, my weight and body has been expanding and contracting (mostly expanding) in lots of small but unexpected ways. Things that looked great on me a few months ago really don’t suit my current figure. Because I’m in this state of flux, I’ve found it helpful to keep a variety of clothes. No two pairs of my jeans fit the same, which is a good thing for now. Hopefully in a year I can let go of some items and get others altered to fit me properly, but for now I think its best if I can work with what I’ve got.


Take home message?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love the concept of a capsule wardrobe and I can see how it would benefit my life but right now, it just doesn’t suit my needs. Right now I prefer to have a pared back wardrobe that has more options. Perhaps in a year I’ll find that a capsule wardrobe is more my thing.

Are you a capsule wardrobe advocate? Does it seem too hard? Would it make life a bit simpler? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below 😊.

A Hobart gal’s guide to hygge

After a belly full of chocolate and some time off over the Easter break, right now is the best time to embrace hygge. Pronounced ‘hue-gah’, hygge is the danish word used to describe a special feeling or moment that has cosiness, charm, happiness, contentment, relaxation, familiarity, wellness, simplicity and kinship. Hygge is also referred to as the "art of creating intimacy", either with yourself, with friends or even with the space you're in.

The clever Danish created hygge to get through their cold, dark and often monotonous winters by finding moments to break up the day with acknowledgement, celebration or quiet joy. Think about it, enjoying a home cooked meal by candlelight with friends or taking time to really enjoy a book with a pot of loose leaf tea can make a huge difference to your mood. By celebrating simple rituals - especially the everyday, domestic things - daily life becomes enjoyable rather than being a drudge. Hygge is about being aware of a good moment and incorporating these little moments into daily life so that it becomes part of the daily flow.     



 Does hygge sound like something you could get around? Here are a few tips to get you on your hygge journey right here (in Hobart), right now.


Get Hygge in Hobart

  • Instead of grabbing a coffee to go and drinking it at your desk, take 15 minutes and drink it in a quiet coffee shop, or if the weather is nice outside, take it to the park and soak up the sun. Villino is a current favourite coffee shop to get my hygge on, as is the Alabama Hotel, where you can sit in a big, comfy armchair amongst the house plants.
  • Have a night in with a few friends and some board games. Or if you are heading out, meet at a quiet bar so you can actually catch up with each other. Society Salamanca is a favourite of mine.
  • Make a morning of it and get your groceries at Farm Gate Market instead of at the shopping centre. Bonus hygge points if you can enjoy your local produce around a candlelit table with family.
  • Take a picnic to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens or rug up and go for an explore up Mount Wellington/Kunanyi.
  • Invest in some cosy socks to wear at work and kick your shoes off under the desk if you can.

I don't like how hygge has been marketed as something you have to buy. It's a feeling, guys! Don't believe Instagram when it says that you can't be #hygge without a danish designed chair and the latest throw pillows - your old faithful blanket on the couch is probably much more cosy. The truth is, simply taking notice of and making space for simple, joyful, familiar things in your day is all you need to invite a bit of hygge into your life.

Have a happy, hyggelig day!

How to celebrate Galentine’s Day

You’ve heard of Valentine’s Day, but have you heard of Galentine’s Day? It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and it’s a day to celebrate your gal pals. Ladies celebrating ladies. EcoHaven is a 100% ladies crew at the moment, which is why we 100% endorse this fictional yet fabulous celebration. Never celebrated Galantine’s Day before? That’s okay, we’re here to show you how. 

Galentine’s Day is all about showing the women in your life that you care. Call your mum, bake something yummy for your gal pals, write your sister a card, host a movie night, organise a picnic or have brunch with your friends. If you’re a ‘go big or go home’ sort of person, you could host a party for your mum, gran, sisters and lady friends complete with cocktails, food, music and frivolity, but it can be just as lovely doing something small.

 If you’d like to indulge your fabulous gal pals a little more this year, we have a lovely collection of Myrtle and Moss, Leif and Mokosh skincare in store and online, with local, handmade jewellery by Little Lari and Ruth Evenhuis Designs too. 

However you choose to celebrate this year’s Galentine’s Day, we hope you get to have a laugh and a hug with your favourite ladies. Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!

A Hobart Gal’s New Year's Resolutions

Do you do New Year's Resolutions? I don't really like the word 'resolution', I prefer 'experiments' because it feels a lot more flexible. Instead of resolving to do something the correct way - and then inevitably feel bad when it doesn't look a certain way or yield the results I was expecting - I like to experiment, give it a go and adapt it to suit my circumstances. With that in mind, here are my New Year's Resolutions (experiments) for 2018:

Implement Sunday Funday

Forget Friday, for me it’s all about Sunday. I like my Sundays relaxed and fun, maybe with a little adventure thrown in. I have the best of intentions when it comes to Sunday but all too often my lovely Sunday gets eclipsed by other things. Sometimes it gets hijacked by stress, that feeling like I just HAVE to do something important NOW, be it work related or housework. Other times it just seems to slip away, when really I‘m just spending too much time on social media or watching docos or comedies on tv.  

It’s time to reclaim Sunday, to be okay with putting things on hold until Monday and to limiting time spent in front of a screen so that maximum fun can be had. Who's with me?

Explore more of Tasmania 

This resolution will be so much easier to implement with Sunday Funday in full swing. I want to play tourist in my own state. This year I'd like to stay in a quaint pub in Stanley for a couple of days and explore the North West, to beach-it-up on the East Coast and discover more of the Bay of Fires area. I'd like to go back to Bruny Island, to bushwalk my way around Kunanyi and to spend a day in the Huon Valley. We have such a beautiful state to explore and I can't wait to reacquaint myself with Tasmania.

Binalong Bay - Bay of Fires

Put energy into the good stuff

This is my existential resolution. From wanting to please everyone (not going to happen) to worrying about things out of our control, we - me included - spend too much time and energy on things that we can't change, things that deplete us and things that don't serve us. I've decided that 2018 is the year that I try to put energy into the good stuff: the things that encourage and perpetuate peace, kindness and joy. I know this sounds a bit naive and wishy-washy and to be honest I'm still trying to work out what this will look like for me. I know that some very deep-set habits will be hard to shift and that sometimes this mindset will be impossible but I think it's worth experimenting with and exploring in 2018.

Happy New Year! Thank you for being part of the ecoHaven family this year, we couldn't have done it without you. Here's to a wonderful 2018 brimming with peace, kindness and sustainable fashion. 

A Hobart gal's spring things challenge

I didn't want to call this a ‘bucket list’ because hopefully I'm going to live to see many more springs in my time. Think of it more as a Spring Things challenge or checklist for 2017. These are the fun things I want to experience in Hobart and around Tasmania before December 1st. Move over winter hermit lady, put down your cup of tea, this spring gal is ready for adventure!

1. Picnic at the Botanical Gardens
Give me flowers, give me food and I'm a happy lady. Give me a basket overflowing with baked goods, a spot in the sun, a kitsch rug to sit on and I may as well be in heaven. The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens are gorgeous in Spring and you'd be silly not to seize the opportunity of every sunny weekend and get picnicking. 

2. Road trip to the East Coast of Tasmania
Put your hand up if you love the East Coast (pick me!). It's really not that far from Hobart but I hardly ever make the effort to drive up. I have high hopes for this road trip. I want to explore the Bay of Fires, especially Binalong Bay. I also want to drop in to St Marys on the way and go for a quick bush walk in the area. I'm also keen to go down the coast to Bicheno and would love to do a bit of bush walking at Douglas Apsley and/or Frecinet National Park, but may have to save that for another trip.

3. Make gardening a regular ‘thing’
My poor old garden has had to fend for itself throughout most of winter, but I'm determined to change that. Being the nerd that I am, I've scheduled in 2 half hour blocks in my weekly calendar to garden. I'm determined to get a few veggies growing and to plant enough lavender and rosemary to ward off all the neighbourhood cats which confuse my backyard for a public toilet.

4. Have at least 6 brunch dates
Brunch, glorious brunch! This spring I want to reacquaint myself with my favourite brunch spots. I insist on having a leisurely brunch at Pilgrim, experience corn fritter nirvana at Berta, have a long mid-week brunch affair at Room for a Pony, take my time at Pollen Tea Room, get on the veggie train at Straight Up and wait for a cold day before enjoying a hot brunch with hot chocolate at Coal River Farm. Yum!

5. Visit the Tasmanian Craft Fair
Held in early November, the Tasmanian Craft Fair is the largest of its kind in Australia, which is a big call for Deloraine. With over 200 stallholders coming from around Australia, it's a craft-lover’s paradise. This also calls for another road trip!

Let the spring things begin! Is there anything you're keen to do this spring? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.