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How to make summer clothes work for winter

Want to make your wardrobe work harder? Why limit lightweight “summer” clothes to summertime? All it takes is a bit of layering magic and you can transform your summer clothes into wintertime staples. Here’s how we do it:


Step 1. Take out your trusty long sleeve Merino top. This will be the base layer of warmth for all your summer to winter outfits. If you don’t have a Merino top, just use the warmest, lightweight long sleeve top you’ve got (but seriously, a good long sleeve Merino top is a layering game changer).

Step 2. Pop on some warm pants or a skirt with some Merino tights or leggings. 

Step 3. Tuck in your long sleeve Merino top. You may feel like a dork but don’t worry, no one is going to see it.

Step 4. Finally you get to put your summer blouse on.

Step 5. Choose your outerwear. You could pop on a long cardigan or perhaps wear a jacket open to show off your pretty top underneath. 

Step 6. Scarf it up to get nice and cosy whilst simultaneously hiding any odd layers around the neck. 



The summer dress

 Step 1. Pop on some cosy leggings or merino tights and tuck your trusty Merino long sleeve top into them.

Step 2. Pop on your cute summer dress.

Step 3. Choose your outerwear. A cropped jacket or cardigan can add a lovely contrast in layers when worn with a knee length dress. 

Step 4. Scarf it.

Step 5 (optional). Belt your dress to add some shape to your look. You can also play with belting over your cardigan. Depending on a range of factors this can look amazing or terrible.


Treat your summer tank top as you would your summer blouse. I like to use a long and loose tank top, paired with tighter base layers such as leggings or a pencil skirt. If you get the lengths right, it can look great. You could also float a summer tank over a contrasting coloured long sleeve winter dress.


Have fun

It takes a bit of creative thinking as well as some trial and error to make summer clothes work for winter, so have some fun with it. Who knows, your new favourite winter outfit could already be lurking in your wardrobe ready to be discovered.

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