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Spring clean your wardrobe

Spring: the time for head colds, beautiful flowers, allergies, baby animals, doing your taxes (for those of us who have been putting it off) and new beginnings. Spring is also a great time to assess what's in your wardrobe and let go of the pieces that no longer serve you.

Doing a wardrobe audit can help simplify your mornings. When you have less outfit options to assess, you'll be able to save time choosing what to wear, reducing some AM decision fatigue. Cutting back your wardrobe is a great way to rediscover old favourites and can help make it easier to keep your clothes tidy and organised. Having a smaller wardrobe makes it easier to assess what your closet is missing, making shopping for new clothes simpler and more cost efficient.

If you're ready to audit your wardrobe, put aside some time on the weekend because chances are it's going to be a bigger job than anticipated. The next step is to assess EVERY item, asking yourself the questions below. I'm not going to pretend this doesn't get a bit (very) tedious and time consuming, but trust me, it's definitely worth it. 

1. Does it fit?
We often hold onto our ‘skinny clothes’ for far too long. If you're realistically not going to be changing shape any time soon, it's probably safe to let go of the things that don't fit.

2. Is it comfortable?
I used to have clothes in my wardrobe that I loved the look of, but didn't end up wearing because they dug in awkwardly, itched or were uncomfortable to move around in. Got some pieces like this? It's time to let go of them.
Photo via Camille Styles.
3. Will I wear it again?
No? Then out it goes!

4. Have I worn it in the last 12 months?
If not, why not? The pieces you haven't worn in a year probably won't be making their way back into your clothing rotation any time soon. Unless it's something you're saving for a specific event like a ball gown, it's worth letting go of.
5. Is it damaged?
If so, is this the only reason I'm not wearing it? A quick repair could reunite you with a favourite piece but if you can't be bothered repairing it, chances are it's not worth hanging on to.

6. Does it represent my style?
Instead of asking whether the piece is currently ‘in style’, I like to ask myself if it's ‘my style’. If it feels like a ‘me piece’, keep it.

7. If I went shopping right now, would I buy this?
Yes? Great! No? Maybe it's not worth holding on to.

8. Do I feel confident wearing this?
Unless it's a yes, let go of it.
Photo via Un-Fancy.
Phew! It feels great to get rid of the excess, but before you haul a big bag of old clothes to the rubbish, it's worth thinking about how you can get rid of them in an environmentally responsible way that aids the community. We're going to be talking about all that un-sexy but important stuff in next week's blog, so get your socially conscious enviro-nerd on and I'll see you next week. 
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