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How to shop for your beautiful hourglass body

Hourglass shape

You have a defined waist with bust proportionate to hips. To make the most of your shape you can dress to show off your defined waist, highlight your natural curves and proportionately balance upper and lower body at the same time.

Only an hourglass shaped lady will tell you this, but sometimes the challenge is that clothing can look too sexy on you - depending on how curvaceous your shape is. I know, I know, I can see you rolling your eyes, mockingly muttering “Oh what a difficult problem to have!”, but the problem occurs when you want something that fits your waist and ends up looking way too tight (and a bit risqué) everywhere else. The opposite problem can also occur: when looking for an outfit that doesn't squish your boobs/hug your hips you can end up looking like an anonymous blob because your outfit is swamping your waist. This being said, you're still damn lucky having such a gorgeous body, so maybe try not to complain about it too loudly.


Choose scooped, halter and V necklines which complement your beautiful shape. Tops that define your waist like wrap tops, cropped length tops and peplum tops were made for you. Lightweight or slim fit (but not tight) cardigans look lovely. A well tailored jacket or coat looks amazing on you, especially those with a cinched waist and cut just below the waist or to the knees.

The Cinch Long Cardi looks beautiful on you. The lightweight merino skims your shape without adding bulk and the knee length is super flattering.


Pants might gape a bit in the waistline so a belt is a great solution for you and creates shape. Opt for a medium to high waist rise on your pants. Boot cut and straight leg pants look great on you. If you're going to wear something more baggy or wide-cut, choose something with a high waist to balance out your figure. If you're looking to accentuate and show off those curves, a skinny-leg jean is the way to go. Pencil skirts, circle skirts and a-line skirts look great on you. Skirts that cut at the knees are a beautiful length on you and if you're going short, try to find something that cuts below the widest part of your thigh.


Yes, the Imperial Pants do have a wide leg but don't worry, they have a high enough rise and a cinched in waist to really flatter your hourglass figure. The vertical lines also work to elongate you legs - yay! Wear with a skinny belt to show off your shape.


When in doubt, choose a dress that echoes your natural body shape. Wrap dresses look amazing on you as they highlight your balanced body and cinch in at your waist. Fit and flare dresses and dresses with a pencil skirt bottom also look great. If you prefer a looser style, a belt or a dress with cinching at the waist will prevent the dress from overwhelming your figure.

The Propagate Crossover Dress looks gorgeous on you. The crossover bust, defined waist and gentle fit through the body highlights your shape and the knee length skirt makes this a flattering length.

To get some more hourglass-friendly fashion inspiration, head to Shop Your Shape online.


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