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5 ways to recycle like a pro in Hobart

image by Alfonso Navarro from Unsplash

If you're from Hobart, I bet you're an ace recycler. The Hobart City Council says that only 2-3% of materials collected in their recycling bins have been unsuitably recycled. Although you're pretty good at it already, we thought we'd give you a few tips on how to level up your recycling strategy and reduce your waste.

Here are 4 ways to recycle like a pro in Hobart:


1. Recycle furniture, building materials and household goods


image by Ben Neale from Unsplash

Got some leftover materials from a building project or just updated your furniture? Lucky for you the Resource Work Cooperative provides a FREE reusable goods collection service for households and businesses in then greater Hobart area. You don't even need to leave your house to recycle your old furniture, doors, windows, clothing, timber, tools and other household goods. Head to their website for more information. 


2. Compost food scraps

A couple of weeks ago we talked about composting clothing, but composting your food scraps is also a great way to recycle your waste, feed your garden and divert food scraps out of landfill. The Hobart City Council teamed with Good Life Permaculture have put together some great tips on how to compost at home. Check it out.


3. Recycle soft plastics with REDcycle

We've talked about recycling soft plastics before, but we couldn't write about recycling without talking about REDcycle, a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic. RED have partnered with major supermarkets and other outlets to make it easy to recycle plastic bags and soft plastics like food wrappers. Head to their website to suss out your closest drop-off point.


4. Recycle old paint with Paintback

Do you have some unused paint sitting in your garage? Paintback are the first company in the world that divert unwanted paint and packaging from ending up in landfill and waterways. With collection points around Australia and one conveniently located at McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre (South Hobart Tip), Paintback is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded by a 15 cents plus GST per litre levy on eligible products.


5. Recycle the tricky things

To help you recycle the tricky things, Hobart City Council have placed a recycling unit located within the Hobart City Council foyer. This unit is equipped to recycle small household batteries, pens, mail satchels, small electronics, mobile phones and accessories, flourescent tubes and old light globes, x-rays, DVDs and CDs, cosmetic containers, toothbrush tubes and brushes. That's a lot of recycling potential!


Before you go

Every city council has a different set of recycling guideline, which can make it tricky when it comes to knowing what can and cannot be recycled. Do check with your local council to make sure you're recycling the right things and let them know if they can make recycling better for your area. 

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