• My last week of Plastic Free July but not my last week living plastic-free
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My last week of Plastic Free July but not my last week living plastic-free

It's the last day of Plastic Free July and I'm feeling pretty good. Thanks for coming on this journey with me! Denying plastic for a month has been challenging at times but has forced me to be more mindful of my purchasing habits, which can only be a good thing. I want to continue living life as plastic-free as possible, but there is an area of my life that I don't think can let go of plastic just yet...

My vanity gets in the way of living plastic-free.

That was a bit embarrsssing to admit! Although almost all of my oral care (thanks to Herbae Thylacini), skincare (thanks to Mokosh) and hair care products (thanks to Lush) are now plastic free, it's things like makeup and the occasional nail polish that I use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that are all wrapped in plastic. Being someone who enjoys wearing a little makeup from time to time - and doesn't want to think about going without foundation on bad skin days *shudders* - it's going to be difficult to replace these items with plastic free alternatives. Right now I don't have an answer. Are there plastic free products out there (that are also naturally-derived, safe for sensitive skin and not tested on animals)? Should I explore making them myself? Someone let me know if you have the answer. Please! 

Thanks for coming on this plastic-free journey with me. Let us know your Plastic Free July triumphs, tips and experiences I need the comments below.

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