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My third week of Plastic Free July

Week 3 down of Plastic Free July and only 1 and a bit weeks to go!

I feel like I've finally gotten into my plastic free groove. About time! This week I remembered my produce bags, brought my reusable containers to the bulk food store and generally spent most of the time feeling quite smug and giving myself mental high-fives.

Happiness is a farmer's market

The start of week 3 found me at Farmgate Market, smiling ear to ear with plastic-free choices. I bought lots of fresh veggies, apples, bread and a beautiful glass bottle of Elgaar milk for my partner. It turns out he loved the milk so much that it was gone in 3 days and the poor guy had to make do with my home made nut milk for the rest of the week. Next week we'll have to buy 2 bottles.


The toothpaste saga has a happy ending

If you've read any of my earlier Plastic Free July blog posts, you'll know that I've had some toothpaste troubles this month. After using my DIY toothpaste for almost a week, I still had some gum inflammation and I found myself dreading brushing my teeth. Then a parcel from Herbae Thlacini arrived and completely changed my toothpaste game. 

Made skillfully and locally on Bruny Island by Dr Karolina Skraskova, my sage and lemon myrtle toothpowder did not disappoint. The toothpowder is much more gentle than the diy concoction I made the week earlier and I found that after brushing with it for 3 days my gum inflammation had completely gone. The toothpowder still has a bit of a bicarb flavour, but the herbs mask it well. If you're looking to swap your toothpaste to something plastic free, or just want to give your mouth a bit of a treat, give Herbae Thylacini a go!


Top plastic saving tips for the week:

  • Get your milk in a glass jar if you can. If you're in Tasmania see if you can hunt yourself down a bottle from Elgaar.
  • Give tooth powder a go!


  • Good foodHobartPlastic Free July

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