• My second week of Plastic Free July 2018
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My second week of Plastic Free July 2018

This week started pretty shaky, ended with lots of delicious food and contained a bit of plastic-themed disappointment.

Day 8

Oh how much difference a day makes! Instead of going to the farmer’s market, I stayed in bed until 3pm, too sick and tired to do anything else. This really threw me out of my weekly routine.


Day 9

On the back foot with absolutely no vegetable matter left in the house, I got some (paper bagged, no plastic fish soy sauce) sushi for lunch in town when I was at work, feeling pretty smug about bringing a little jar of tamari with me from home.

Home from work, I noticed there was a plastic bottle of milk in the fridge 🤷🏻‍♀️. My partner relies on milk being in the fridge (still can’t convert him to home made almond milk) like I rely on water coming out of the tap, so I couldn’t get too cranky, it was a tough weekend for both of us. 

I got some groceries from Salamanca Fresh in the evening and managed to get away without any plastic. Success!


Day 10

 A no spend, no plastic day.


Day 11

I snuck away to Eumarrah and stocked up on nuts, oats and cocoa powder. I use my Onya produce bags there, but rely on their paper bags for flours, spices and powders. I’ve been trying to recycle my accumulated stock of paper bags but have been thinking making some cloth bags to fill that purpose.



Day 12

Another no spend, no plastic day.


Day 13

I met some friends at Rektango but forgot to bring a reusable cup, which meant that I missed out on some hot gin punch. Oh well. We then went out for Indian food, which was great but as usual, I ordered way too much. I’d usually take leftovers home but PLASTIC, so I had to say goodbye to half an eggplant curry. Nooooo!


Day 14

 Another no spending, no plastic day.


Week 2 highlights and musings

This week reminded me that plastic-free isn’t easy, especially when you’re sick or rely on a limited window of time to get plastic free supplies. As demand for plastic-free alternatives increases, hopefully things like milk in glass makes it’s way back to grocers soon.

I found it interesting to see how my own perception of waste is changing. A few years ago I was accumulating plastic bags to ‘reuse’, now I’m doing the same with paper bags and am starting to rethink how I can rely less on this resource. 

Also, I think I need some guidance on this one: is it stingy to bring a reusable container to a restaurant for the sole purpose of collecting leftovers? It somehow feels cheap even though I would have “doggy-bagged” my curry. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I’m curious!

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