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Our top 4 podcasts - good people doing good things

I'm a sensitive soul and I often feel overwhelmed by the state of the world. We live in a time of devout racism, a staggering refugee crisis, terror attacks, war and 'fake news'. Our failure to act on climate change makes me fearful for the future and some certain world leaders have me fearful for the present.

Sometimes I feel powerless, frustrated and afraid. It's times like these that I turn off the news and turn on a podcast. Whilst there isn't much I can do about the big things, there are small, positive changes that we can all make. Listening to inspiring stories from people doing good things is a way I can get my head out of the sand. Here are my top 4 podcasts to listen to which help me remember that there is good in the world.


1. The Slow Home Podcast

I love this one! Brooke and Ben McAlary are an Australian couple that use this platform to have conversations about slow and simple living. They share their own journey and have insightful interviews with people living a slower, intentional and simple life. Their candour is inspiring and I've loved going on this 'slow' journey with them. I've made it a habit of mine to listen to an episode every Monday morning after breakfast to help set the tone for the rest of the week. Head to Brooke's website for more slow and sustainable goodness. 


2. Subtle Disruptors 

Adam Murray makes a great podcast where he interviews people in his hometown of Melbourne who are subtle disruptors- people who are doing something purposeful for the world. These people are often under the radar, making a clever, subtle influence to their community and to the world. I really enjoyed listening to the episode where he interviews Sigrid McCarthy, editor of Intent Journal and sustainable fashion super hero of mine. 


3. A Sustainable Mind

Although this podcast only has 25 episodes and stopped unexpectedly about a year ago (nooo!), I thought I better share it with you because it is a wealth of information. Marjorie Alexander has created a platform for environmental and sustainability enthusiasts to share how their campaigns, projects and companies bring positive change to the planet. Each episode gives actionable advice and resources for you to become an ecopreneur and encourages empowerment through action. Yay! 


4. The Minefield - ABC RN

In The Minefield, Waleed Ali and Scott Stevens explore the moral, political, philosophical and ethical terrain of the modern world and somehow make it interesting, insightful and entertaining. We are flooded with a never-ending stream of news and in trying to cope with the hectic pace of life, often we don't take the chance to step back and analyse the situation. Although this podcast does talk about the news - a topic that often sends me into a state of overwhelm - it encourages us to think for ourselves, to not take things at face value and to approach situations with an open mind and an ethical standpoint. 


Do you have any go-to podcasts that uplift and inspire you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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