• Make your own fabric refresher spray
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Make your own fabric refresher spray

Put your hand up if you love doing the laundry. You don't? Me either. Although I love that fresh-off-the-clothesline smell, its the whole process of washing, hanging and folding that I really don't enjoy. With 80% of the carbon footprint from an item of clothing attributed to washing and aftercare (Berners-Lee, 2010), there is something to be said for too much washing. What if I told you that there is another way? Full disclosure, you're not going to get out of doing the laundry, but there is a way to save time, reduce the piles of clothing in your laundry basket and increase the life of your clothing. 3 words: Fabric Refresher Spray.
fabric refresher spray
Fabric refresher spray can help to deodorise clothing so you can get a bit more wear out of them before washing. It can also help to remove campfire and smoke smells on fabric too. There are fabric refresher sprays on the market, but many are laden with toxic chemicals. No thank you! This one just contains water, vodka and essential oils. 
The essential oils in this recipe are not needed but make your spray smell lovely and can act as a gentle deterrent for moths and other little critters. If you're using this on silk or other quite delicate fabrics then maybe give the essential oils a miss and as always, do a patch test before committing to a full-on spray. It is also worth noting that this is a deodoriser, not a cleaner so stains need to be managed separately.

About the Ingredients

  • Vodka works to kill the bacteria causing that stink and helps the water in this recipe dissipate faster.
  • Essential oils provide natural fragrance.


  • 1. 5 cups filtered water
  • 1/2 cup vodka
  • Essential oils. I used 12 drops orange, 8 drops eucalyptus and 8 drops of lavender, but you can use whatever you like.
  • reusable spray bottle.


  1. Fill spray bottle with water and vodka.
  2. Add essential oils and screw on that spray nozzle.
  3. Shake once or twice, then start using.
  4. Spray on offending areas of your clothing then air dry - outside is best.
We hope you are able to get more use out of your clothes and less use out of that washing machine with the help of our fabric refresher spray. Let us know how it goes in the comments below.
Berners-Lee, M. (2010). A load of laundry. In: How Bad are Bananas, the carbon footprint of everything. London: Profile Books LTD. 84-85.
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    Ruth Evenhuis
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