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My last week of Plastic Free July

The home stretch! The last week (and a bit) hasn't been without it's difficulties but I'm glad stuck it out. An unplanned plastic item snuck it's way into my life but all in all, I'd call the home run a success.


Day 22

Another sick day, which meant that I couldn’t get to the farmer’s market for milk. Nooooo! My partner was a trooper and opted to decrease his coffee intake for the week, forgoing his usual second coffee at home and just going to the cafe once a day. 


Day 23

My sweet mum left us with some leftovers, which gave me another day to rest before getting groceries. 


Day 24

I picked up the groceries from Salamanca Fresh, plus some cardboard-packaged pasta from Coles because life’s too short not to eat pasta. I’d love to be one of those wonderfully resourceful zero-wasters who makes their own pasta, but I’m afraid I’m not there just yet, although I did make my own romesco sauce this week so there’s still hope.  



Day 25, 26 and 27

I had a few no spend, plastic-free days.


Day 28

Another plastic day 😢. I was forced to introduce a new plastic debit card into my life thanks to a Guatemalan data hacker (which sounds far more exciting than discovering that someone’s using my card number to buy 85 quetzal worth of “educational supplies”), but that’s another story.


Day 29

A friend picked up some milk for me from Farm Gate Market, which was so nice! I treated myself to a hot drink and snacks at Hamlet. I love it there and get a kick out of supporting such a whole-hearted, community minded place that does it's part to reduce waste and plastic consumption. 


Day 30

I did my weekly grocery run at Salamanca Fresh.




Day 31

I went a bit bonkers at Eumarrah and came back with bulk food in, well, bulk. This week I filled up some unused cotton dust bags from home which happen to work a treat as bulk food bags. Score! 



Highlights and Musings  

Over the past 31 days I’ve managed to stay almost plastic free, introducing a second hand rain coat, a debit card and a 2L carton of milk into my life (although I didn’t buy this one, it did appear in the house so I’m only taking partial credit). I'm proud of my efforts and hope that I can keep this momentum going.

Moving forward, I will try to be as mindful as possible about the plastic I introduce into my life, but I understand that this is not enough. To see real change, we need to change the system. Government must continue to implement legislation and regulation. I also believe that industry must accept responsibility for plastic waste and pollution. There is some really exciting plastic free alternatives and plastic reduction methods being theorised, tested and produced at the moment, but for the sake of our future, we need to be getting the best scientific minds excited about this problem. 


One last little call to action before I get off my plastic-free throne:

Be the squeaky wheel

In the past I've shied away from being 'that' annoying enviro-warrior person, but in the spirit of Plastic Free July, I have decided to take action. I also run a small business and rely on a few key online suppliers for things that simply don't exist in Tasmania, so this week I have contacted an online supplier to voice my concern and to consider plastic free or reduced-plastic options when packaging their goods. I haven't heard back yet, but hopefully if more people make some noise, we'll see results.


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