• Introducing the loveable clothing label Kindling
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Introducing the loveable clothing label Kindling

Nina O’Brien, founder of Kindling Clothing opened her first shop in Brunswick East a little over a month ago. To celebrate her success and show off her gorgeous label, we‘re shining a light on Kindling.


The new Kindling shop in Brunswick East


Nina does things differently. 

Her choice to manufacture offshore in Vietnam was very deliberate. Having previously worked in Vietnam with international social enterprise garment manufacturers, Nina knew she wanted to work with these people again. Far from the horrific stories we hear about offshore garment factories, Nina’s studio is run slowly, ethically and fairly, honouring the people behind her label. 

Nina employs professional seamstresses that she works with and knows personally. Each piece is cut and sewn by one person from beginning to end. It is not the fastest way to sew but it is the most fun and ensures a hand finished quality and attention to detail in each piece. 


When you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot a Kindling piece.

1. If it can have pockets, it will have pockets. Nina loves a good dress with a pocket (who doesn’t?) and makes sure to design all her pants, skirts and dresses with pockets. 

2. It’s cute and quirky. Nina injects her own personality into her designs and each collection has great colour combos and fun patterns. Her current collection features sweet dresses in cute prints, comfy, wide linen pants and boxy tops with two-tone neck detailing.

3. The attention to detail is evident. Each piece is cut and sewn by the same person from beginning to end, which shows in the hand-finished product.


We love Nina’s thoughtful, deliberate approach to Kindling and wish her every success in her future endeavours. We're lucky enough to be the only Kindling stockist in Hobart, so do come by if you'd like to see what all the (well deserved) fuss is about.


All images sourced from Kindling.

  • behind the scenesdesignerEcoHaven's favouritesethical fashionsupport ethicalsustainable fashion

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