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Instagram inspiration: ecoHaven's favourite insta accounts to follow

Oh Instagram, what a beautiful time waster you are! Definitely our favourite form of social media at ecoHaven, we've discovered many inspiring photographs and new stockists through Instagram.
Here are ecoHaven's top 7 accounts to follow:

Discover Tasmania

With over 300,000 followers, chances are you're already following them!
This Instagram account showcases beautiful images from around Tasmania and is loved by locals and tourists alike. On rainy, grey days it's nice to be reminded about our gorgeous state.

As well as publishing an insightful blog about eco fashion and conscious consumerism, Ash from Shift delivers us a delicious, daily dose of sustainable fashion via Instagram, and we couldn't be more delighted. Shift provides a platform for sustainable brands to shine, reminding us that sustainable fashion can also be stunning and that a shift in our thinking and purchasing is important if we want to make a change. Definitely worth a search.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Cuteness overload! Bonorong post pictures of gorgeous native rescue animals which tug on the heart strings. A good 3 minutes on their Instagram feed boosts my mood, reinstates my trust in the goodness of humanity and leaves me feeling all goo-y and love-y inside - not to mention equipped with a few fun animal facts! Go on, have a squiz.

Provenance Growers
With gorgeous photos of mostly-edible plants, Paulette from Provenance Growers provides a beautiful and very personal insight into the bounty, joy and sometimes heartache of growing food. You can tell there is so much hard work and passion behind these photos, proving limitless knowledge and inspiration for their extended family of Instagram followers.

Lisa Kingston

Lisa's gorgeous Instagram feed contains snaps of her beautiful, sustainable flower farm in Margate, the stunning arrangements she creates for local businesses and events, and of course, her amazing flowers! She has a stall at Salamanca Market, a firm favourite of ecoHaven when we need to give the store (or ourselves) a bit of tlc.

Sustainability In Style
Katie Roberts from Sustainability in Style is a pretty amazing individual. She's an ex-fashion environmental scientist with a major in sustainability, currently studying her masters with an e-book on the way! Her feed feels very personal - which is why we love it - and is full of insight, tips to living a more sustainable life, her eco style finds and a good dose of her own struggles and triumphs of living sustainably.


We know we're tooting our own horn a bit, but this shop is our pride and joy.
We love our stockists, we love sustainable fashion, our customers, our boutique and our beautiful Tasmania. We hope some of that love rubs off on our Instagram feed.

One last thing: We also love to follow the journey of our amazing stockists on Instagram, who work hard to create sustainable fashion and natural products for us. We'd love to add you to the list, but that would create a VERY long list, much longer than anyone wants to read.

  • Cheryl Attenborough
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