• ecoHaven Christmas gift guide part 3: the dreaded Secret Santa present
  • Cheryl Attenborough
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ecoHaven Christmas gift guide part 3: the dreaded Secret Santa present

Instilling fear into many, the yearly Secret Santa or Kris Kringle gift hunt can be a painful way of reminding us how much we don't know our co-workers. This present is often chosen last minute, over-budget and with a pang of frustration. To end the yearly cycle of Secret Santa regret, we've picked out 5 budget-friendly gifts that almost anyone would love.

1. Bahen and Co. Chocolate

Bahen and Co chocolate at ecoHaven
Almost everyone loves chocolate and this chocolate is extra special. Bahen and Co use honourably sourced cocoa and choose to roast, stone-grind and make their chocolate in small batches in Margaret River, using vintage machines (a bit fancy). Oh, and did we mention the beautiful wrapping paper? This chocolate is also vegan and gluten free, making it an easy, safe and delicious gift.

2. Mokosh Soap

Another gorgeous brand made in Western Australia, Mokosh make amazing, 100% certified organic skincare. Their soaps are luxurious and very special, handmade from coconut and cacao butter and scented with ingredients including rose geranium and sandalwood. Divine! With their organic credentials, exceptional quality and beautiful packaging, Mokosh soap makes a great gift.

3. Wingnut and Co. Cylinder

Have you spotted our collection of Wingnut and Co. handmade ceramics in the window? These beautiful ceramics make great gifts, especially the teeny weeny XS cylinder, perfect for sitting proudly on a shelf and popping a couple of little flowers in.


4. Myrtle and Moss Essential Oil Diffusers

Myrtle and Moss are known for their fresh, floral and citrus scented skincare, but did you know they'd make reed diffusers too? Yay! Coming in their well-known, delectable fragrances, the reed diffusers make a great gift for almost anyone.

5. EcoHaven Gift Voucher

When all else fails, give your Secret Santa the gift of choice! No price too big or small, gift vouchers take the pressure off and lets your Secret Santa shop for what they really want at their leisure.

We hope we've helped you out with your Secret Santa conundrum. Next week we'll share our final gift guide: Christmas present ideas for your sister, best friend, or maybe a cheeky Christmas present to yourself!

  • Cheryl Attenborough
  • Australian madeChristmasEcoHaven's favouritesgiftssupport ethical

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