• ecoHaven Christmas gift guide part 2: gifts for young women
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ecoHaven Christmas gift guide part 2: gifts for young women

This one's for all your wonderful daughters, nieces and all those gorgeous, young women in your life. Young women can sometimes be a bit tricky to shop for, but can also be really fun to shop for too! At ecoHaven, we've got a nice little collection of fun and colourful gifts, that also happen to be beautiful, ethically sourced and sustainable.

1. Kester Black Nail Polish

Kester Black nail polish are amazing quality. Not only are the nail polishes made in Australia, but they are also 10-free, which means they don't contain any camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, xylene, formaldehyde resin, parabens, phthalates, frangrances, animal derived or tested ingredients. Phew! With a collection of fun colours and names like 'Cherry Pie', 'Buttercream' and 'Gold Digger', they're hard to resist.

2. Adventure Pants

Adventure Pants, aka the fun leggings make an excellent gift for the young and the young at heart. Made and screen printed in Melbourne, Adventure Pants are known for their fun colours, quirky prints and excellent quality.

3. One Seed Perfume

If someone asked me a couple of years ago if I could name a beautifully scented, 100% naturally fragranced, vegan, cruelty-free perfume that is also made in Australia, you might as well have asked me if I could find you a unicorn! Then I found One Seed, who make the seemingly impossible, so very possible and amazingly scented too! We know that perfume can be a very personal choice, which is why we've stocked up on some sample packs (pictured) containing 7 fragrances from the collection so that she can sample and choose her favourite scent at leisure. 

4. Kowtow Clothing

 Kowtow are known for making gorgeous, flow-y and unique pieces in fair trade organic cotton. The painterly and fun Frank top is especially gorgeous and looks good on pretty much everyone, especially that gorgeous, young lady in your life.

5. Mabel Jewellery

Jewellery makes an easy yet thoughtful gift and (in my experience anyway), is well received. Made in Hobart from reclaimed wood and Eco resin, Mabel make unique, bold and easy-to-wear earrings, cuffs, bracelets and rings. Yay!

  • Cheryl Attenborough
  • ChristmasdesignerEcoHaven's favouritesethical fashiongiftslove local

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