• How to survive (and thrive) at Dark Mofo
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How to survive (and thrive) at Dark Mofo


We love Dark Mofo! This incredible festival hosted by MONA is unlike any other, celebrating the darkness, the solstice, ritual and mythology in our home town of Hobart. We love how it brings our community together, expands our collective minds and gets us out of the house despite the weather with public art, debate, music, film, feasting and community. To survive and thrive at our favourite festival, we encourage you to read on.


Book early

I know it’s a bit late for me to be saying this, but if there is a Dark Mofo event you want to go to, grab tickets now! Your future self will thank you for it and it means you can be one of those smug people waltzing into an event past a long line of cold and anxious door ticket hopefuls. I’ve already missed out on a couple of events this year because I left it too long. This is the your official warning call. 




Do one thing that scares you

You know that scary, confronting event that sounds really interesting or fun but lies outside of your comfort zone? I dare you to do that (nude solstice swim anyone?). Chances are it will be your most memorable Dark Mofo event. There’s plenty of time left for cosy winter hibernation in July and August so why not make June a bit more exciting?


Dress for the event

If you’re heading to Dark Park and Winter Feast (what am I talking about, of course you are), please dress warmly! It gets very cold at night by the water and you don’t want to cut your night short just because it got a bit cold.  

If you’re heading to Societe Anonyme costume ball, Night Mass or any other event worth celebrating, dress up! The crowd at Dark Mofo are generally friendly, open minded and fun, making it the perfect opportunity for dressing up and taking a fashion risk or two. Trust me, its more fun when you dress up.




Local tips

➖ Entrance to Winter Feast is free after 8pm, which is when the thrifty crowds will gather. If you want to avoid the queues, I suggest going to Winter Feast first before walking over to Dark Park later in the evening. If you’d prefer to wait around longer with the crowds but save yourself a crisp $10, start at Dark Park and make your way over to the feast after 8pm.

➖ Don’t be trashy with a face full of (plastic) glitter, be trashy with a face full of bio glitter! Teros in Hobart has you sorted for Night Mass with lots of bio glitter to choose from.

➖ We sell cosy scarves, gloves, beanies and Merino base layers in store and online. These cosy layers make a huge difference on a cold winter’s night and I’ll be wearing as many layers as I can comfortable fit on my body.


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    Ruth Evenhuis
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