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Caring for cashmere

We adore cashmere at ecoHaven. Soft, lightweight and warm, cashmere feels so luxurious and takes just a little bit of TLC to keep it in excellent condition. Trust us, you'll be a master of cashmere care in no time with these 6 simple steps: 


1. De-pilling cashmere

If your knit is 100% cashmere, it will pill. This is not a reflection of poor quality, it is simply what cashmere does. You should find that after it has pilled once or twice, it should settle and stop pilling. To safely de-pill cashmere, use a de-pilling comb and gently move it across the surface of your garment. Work on it slowly, starting at the most pill-y areas and working outwards. Sometimes it helps to put your hand under the garment so the comb is working across a smooth, flat surface.


2. Washing cashmere

We recommend you hand wash your cashmere knits in cool water as hot water will shrink the yarn. Wash with a cashmere-approved detergent and avoid fabric softeners - not only can it damage the fibres, but you’ll have a hard time making cashmere feel even softer than it is naturally.

3. Drying cashmere

Wrap your cashmere garment in a towel to remove any excess water. Dry flat in the shade. NEVER tumble dry cashmere. If you feel the need to iron your garment, use a protective cloth and a warm iron.


4. Protecting cashmere from moths

Moths and other nasties absolutely love cashmere, wool and alpaca, but sometimes they even like to take a bite out of silk, linen and cotton too! To keep the little nasties at bay, we recommend that you store garments with a moth repellant scented bag near to, but not touching your garment. Eucalyptus, lavender and sandalwood works well.

5. Storing cashmere

Knits should be folded and stored flat in a drawer or on a shelf. Resist the urge to store cashmere knits on hangers, as this can cause the garment to become misshapen and stretched in the shoulders. If you are going to be storing your cashmere knits for a long time, putting them in a sealed plastic bag is a good idea. For triple protection, put a scented bag in the sealed plastic bag and place the bag in a sealed container.


6. Spills and stains

Try to treat your garment straight away to prevent staining. Use a solvent-based stain remover like eucalyptus oil, applying a tiny bit at a time and working inwards to avoid the stain spreading. Be very careful when spot cleaning as you don’t want to damage the delicate fibre. Rinse the treated area with cold water and wash as usual.


With a little love and care, your cashmere knits will looks beautiful and last for many winters to come. Many thanks to Mia Fratino for helping us with our cashmere care regime. Do you have any more cashmere care tips? Do let us know by commenting below.

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