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Buying with intention

Five or so years ago I would shop because I thought it made me feel good. I bought clothes to make myself feel better or more worthwhile, to take my mind off difficult things, to try and replace loneliness with stuff. These were temporary fixes and the elation of my most recent purchase was soon replaced with a pang of guilt. This is what mindless consumption feels like to me.

Buying intentionally is the opposite of mindless consumption. It takes a little more time and lot more thought but the rewards are far greater. You are going to get much more wear and enjoyment from clothing that is purchased with intent rather than on impulse. It works for me! 


Choose quality over quantity

Invest in well made basics.

Look for quality fabrics that wear nicely and will last.

Check the construction of the piece before you buy. I like to check hemlines and seams.

Choose fit over size or label. 

Always ask yourself how many ways or for how many occasions you can wear something before purchasing. My hard and fast rule is 30 wears.


Own your style

Buy timeless over trendy.

Know your style and buy within it. Or to make it more flexible, know which styles look good on you and buy those.

Know your colour palette. Find which colours and neutrals look great on you and buy those.

Buy for today, not for tomorrow. Even if you are looking to lose weight, buy the clothes when you need them rather than filling your closet with 'aspirational pieces'. I've done this in the past with a pair of tight pants which would suck the confidence out of me whenever I'd try them on. Why would you want to invest your energy in that?

Photo by Camille Styles



Your wardrobe reflects your values

Always consider who made your clothes. There is a human behind every garment you own. 

Shop your values. If you value the environment, purchase clothing made from natural fibres to avoid adding to plastic pollution. If you value small business, buy your clothes from small businesses that support independent designers. Etc.

Respect your clothes. Store and launder them with care.


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