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3 must-read books about sustainable fashion

As you have probably guessed, I am passionate about sustainable fashion. I also love a good book. I recently borrowed these three sustainable fashion books from the library (I'm feeling very smug for not spending a dollar and reducing resource consumption) and have really gotten into them. The internet is an incredible resource and has exponentially expanded my knowledge about sustainable fashion, but well thought out, researched, edited, designed, published-with-passion-and-care books are going to deliver you the sweet info you crave in a deeper, much more succinct and enjoyable way. Here's what I read: 

 1. The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black

This ambitious book is a big, hardcover, coffee table-style work of art with incredible pictures to satiate your inner-nerd’s love of infographs and your inner-fashionista’s love of glossy magazines. Sandy Black has brought together a collection of designers, scholars, eco activists, journalists and sustainable fashion influencers who share their expertise, inspiring stories and ideas. The book covers many aspects of fashion in the current era, from the environmental damage of the current system to contemporary fashion cultures and human rights concerns. A comprehensive read as well as a beautiful book to flick through at will, The Sustainable Fashion Handbook makes the somewhat difficult and challenging topic of sustainable fashion accessible as well as beautiful.  


2. Threadbare: Clothes, sex and trafficking by Anne Elizabeth Moore

I was hesitant to read this one when I found out it was a graphic novel (I think the last comic I’d read cover to cover was my friend’s Archie comics in grade 4 😅), but I became hooked by page 2 and finished it in 3 days. Moore has done an incredible job using graphic comics to draw the connections between the tangled web of garment trade, fast fashion, feminism, international sex trade and sex trafficking. There’s something about the use of imagery that made it even more powerful, relatable and got straight to the point. 


3. Naked Fashion: the new sustainable fashion revolution by Safia Minney 

Compiled by a fashion expert and written with the help of a global collective of designers and creatives, this book gives an inspiring overview of sustainable fashion. Unlike the other books discussed, Naked Fashion is more of a textbook style book, peppered throughout with links and references for you to discover more but with enough engaging images to keep it feeling too much like study. Cover to cover with uplifting stories and alternative models to the way fashion could (and should) be, Naked Fashion makes the case for sustainable fashion being both revolutionary as well as attainable.

I have so many more books on my to-read list - many of which are in my library holds list - and I hope to share with you some more helpful and inspiring sustainable fashion books in the future.

  • EcoHaven's favouritesethical fashionsustainable fashion

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