• Winter: ecoHaven's guide to layering and surviving the cold
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Winter: ecoHaven's guide to layering and surviving the cold

Ahhh, winter how I love you!

For me, winter conjures up dreamy images of open fires, mugs of hot chocolate and beautiful sculptural, bare tree branches. This season has me dusting off my overcoat, pulling out my boots and spending a lot of time in the kitchen indulging in comfort food.

But as romantic as winter may seem, being cold really isn't fun. Being at the bottom of the world, we've had to learn how to adapt to a cold winter and have found that the answer to being comfortable in winter is layers.

You may have had some bad layering experiences in the past - think tops rolling up and giving you a faux muffin-top, not being able to lift your arms above shoulder height and that horrible feeling of your stockings slowly creeping down your legs - we've all been there. But it doesn't have to be like that!

Step 1: Build from a base layer

This is the most important step. A warm base layer will keep your core toasty no matter what the weather happens to be doing. At ecoHaven, it's fair to say that our favourite base layer is made from superfine merino. 

Wool is an amazing fibre. It breathes, wicks moisture to help you feel dry when it's raining outside and is also an excellent thermoregulator. This means that it helps keep your body warm in winter and (fun fact) can also help your body keep cool in summer. Who knew?! 'Superfine' merino is woven very fine, resembling the thickness of cotton. This means that your woollen base layer won't bulk you up or restrict movement. Neat!

Step 2: Wear leggings

Most of us do a great job at putting layers on the top half, and yet we still feel cold. Rather than adding more and more layers up top, opt for a pair of leggings. Whether it is a thick pair to wear on their own, or a superfine pair to pop under your jeans, adding a pair of leggings as a standard part of your winter wardrobe will have an immediate impact on your warmth and comfort during winter. 

Step 3: Don't forget the accessories

It sort of goes without saying in Tasmania that a good pair of socks, a beanie and some gloves are a staple part of the winter wardrobe. Not only do these items help to limit the amount of skin exposed to the chilly air, but they are also easy to take off if you are moving between inside and outside.

What are your top tips for staying warm and cosy during winter? We would love to hear them!

  • Cheryl Attenborough
  • merinoWinter

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