Fashion: fast vs slow

We love slow fashion

At ecoHaven, we like our fashion like we like our weekends: slow. Many of the brands we stock have 2-4 seasons and some have a timeless collection that gets a new piece taken in to the collection and another taken out a few times a year, but generally remains the same - which we love! 

Slow fashion labels often release a collection seasonally or even less frequently, giving the designers more time to thoughtfully perfect their creations before releasing them to the shops. Slow fashion designers are also concerned about the longevity of their clothing, paying much more attention to the style, design and quality of the garment to ensure it gets as much wear and love as possible. 

Slow fashion relies on beautiful, timeless style rather than fickle trends and is designed to be worn for years to come. Many slow fashion pieces are designed with versatility in mind, which may mean they can be worn all through the year or can be worn a couple of different ways.

Slow fashion is obsessed with quality, not only in the manufacture of clothing but also in the (slow) life of the garment after purchase. This influences how it is made and affects which fabrics are used in production, chosen for their sustainability and longevity. 

What about fast fashion?

Fast fashion refers to an occurrence in the fashion industry whereby production processes are accelerated to bring new trends to the market as quickly as possible (Perry, 2018). Fast fashion is reliant on a supply chain that weaves its way through some of the poorest countries on Earth, employing people, yes, but often not ways that are safe and financially beneficial for the workers involved (Siegel, 2018). I'm not going to go into the social, environmental problems regarding fast fashion - you probably know them already - but I will say one thing, fast fashion is not sustainable for people or planet.

Now, many high street and department stores introduce new products multiple times in a single week (Lambert, 2016). Instead of 4 new fashion lines per year, we are seeing 52 (once per week), 100 or even more! This speed and cost at which clothing is made means affects how it is made: quickly and from cheap (often poor quality or polyester) fabric (Lambert, 2016). 

Yes, fast fashion is cheaper to the consumer, but at the cost of the environment and the people making your clothes, I argue that it's not worth it, especially when Australians are buying 27kg of clothes per year (Pepper, 2017) and could possibly spend a little more on fewer items.


By purchasing something that has been designed to look stylish for years instead of a season or two, we can slow our rate of fashion consumption, which is a big win for the environment as well as our wardrobes.


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Introducing the loveable clothing label Kindling

Nina O’Brien, founder of Kindling Clothing opened her first shop in Brunswick East a little over a month ago. To celebrate her success and show off her gorgeous label, we‘re shining a light on Kindling.


The new Kindling shop in Brunswick East


Nina does things differently. 

Her choice to manufacture offshore in Vietnam was very deliberate. Having previously worked in Vietnam with international social enterprise garment manufacturers, Nina knew she wanted to work with these people again. Far from the horrific stories we hear about offshore garment factories, Nina’s studio is run slowly, ethically and fairly, honouring the people behind her label. 

Nina employs professional seamstresses that she works with and knows personally. Each piece is cut and sewn by one person from beginning to end. It is not the fastest way to sew but it is the most fun and ensures a hand finished quality and attention to detail in each piece. 


When you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot a Kindling piece.

1. If it can have pockets, it will have pockets. Nina loves a good dress with a pocket (who doesn’t?) and makes sure to design all her pants, skirts and dresses with pockets. 

2. It’s cute and quirky. Nina injects her own personality into her designs and each collection has great colour combos and fun patterns. Her current collection features sweet dresses in cute prints, comfy, wide linen pants and boxy tops with two-tone neck detailing.

3. The attention to detail is evident. Each piece is cut and sewn by the same person from beginning to end, which shows in the hand-finished product.


We love Nina’s thoughtful, deliberate approach to Kindling and wish her every success in her future endeavours. We're lucky enough to be the only Kindling stockist in Hobart, so do come by if you'd like to see what all the (well deserved) fuss is about.


All images sourced from Kindling.

4 fun things to do in Hobart this Spring

With the weather heating up, we thought we'd share with you 4 fun things to do in Hobart this Spring. All activities are outdoors, but can also be enjoyed by less outdoorsy people too. Nothing too extreme, we promise.


1. Take your family to a farm

 There are so many lovely farms open to the public within a 1 hour drive of Hobart. You can take a free milking tour at Grandvewe Sheep Cheesery, say hello to the sheep and sample their artisanal sheep cheese and award winning spirits in the cafe. At Curringa Farm you can book a farm tour to see some sheep shearing and their farm dogs at work, enjoy the views and eat something tasty in their cafe. We also love Coal River Farm, where you can say hello to pigs and goats, pick fruit (in season) and enjoy some cheese and chocolate made on site. Yum!


2. Go cycling

Has your bike been on an adventure lately? Don't worry, we're not going to make you ride on the road! Greater Hobart Trails has put together a nifty list of bike tracks and trails around the greater Hobart area that can be enjoyed by scaredy cat cyclists (like me) and brave road-riders alike. Our favourite trails include the Newtown Rivulet Track, the Peter Murrell Reserves and the Kaoota Tramway.


3. Check out our local market scene

 There's our famous Salamanca Market held every Saturday with artisanal wares and food which is always a crowd pleaser. We've also got Farm Gate Market on Sunday mornings in the heart of Hobart. Come to Farm Gate for the best food stalls including the best brunch food stalls ever (it's a bold statement, but try and prove us wrong), local mushrooms, amazing sourdough bakeries, organic local milk and fresh vegetables that put supermarkets to shame. Don't want your pooch to miss out? Hobart Twilight Market is dog friendly! It's held every second Friday evening, boasting delicious food stalls, music and artisanal wares on Beach Road in Sandy Bay, or popping up at Brooke Street Pier on Hobart’s waterfront on the last Friday of each month.


4. Pack a picnic

Need I say more? We've got mountains, beaches, forests and gardens galore, why not enjoy them whilst eating something delicious? There are so many beautiful picnic locales around Hobart and with the weather getting warmer, it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy some food outside with your favourite people. 

Introducing Bahen and Co. Chocolate

Bahen & Co makes incredible chocolate. Founded by former winemaker Josh Bahen, you can tell where the company's obsession with preserving regional flavour came from. Nuanced and complex flavours of cacao are evident with each bite, affirmation of the meticulous attention that is given to each process.


image via Bahen & Co


So, how do they do it? Bahen & Co spend a lot of time searching for rare varieties of heritage cacao that produce the best chocolate, building relationships with their growers, dealing directly with the farmers and exceeding fair trade standards. After all, "Our chocolate can only be as good as the quality of the cacao we source." But that's only the beginning.

Bahen & Co take a slow and traditional approach to making chocolate. Cacao pods are split open, fermented, sun dried and hand sorted, before being slowly roasted at a low temperature by a restored roaster from the 1930's. The cacao is then winnowed by a vintage 1910 Guitard Melangeurto that separates cacao nibs from the husk.

Image via Bahen & Co

 Cacao nibs are combined with organic cane sugar and gently ground into a smooth paste before being polished between granite stones of a vintage Carle & Montanari conche. The chocolate is then left to age before being tempered and poured into moulds. 

Image via Bahen & Co

And the result? A truly delicious and different bar of chocolate.

We (obviously) love Bahen & Co chocolate and right now we have bars in Almond and Sea Salt 70% Cacao, House Blend 80% Cacao, Chilli & Salt 70% Cacao and Cracked Coffee 70% Cacao. Bahen & Co chocolate makes the perfect little add-on to a gift, a treat for yourself or works well as that small purchase to get you over the $50 line for free postage. We dare you not to fall in love.


One Seed Fragrance Notes and Ingredients

One Seed is committed to making  perfumes using materials that are pure, botanical and cruelty-free. Using all-natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content, they are gentle on both the skin and the environment - as they should be. 

From blends that are woody to floral, fresh to oriental, they’ve developed a range of nuanced fragrances that appeal to individual scent preferences.  

These natural fragrances have the ability to create complex scent profiles that change in depth and character when in contact with skin. This means that when you wear a ONE SEED perfume, you are experiencing a version of that fragrance that is completely individual to you, and we think that’s pretty special.

Bohemia - Both broody & playful; a bitter-sweet composition of alluring amber, smoked tea & dark chocolate set against luscious blood orange & vanilla tones, with a sensual sweet floral heart. Bohemia is for the gypsy, the rogue, the traveller and the free-thinker.

Notes: blood orange, pink grapefruit, jasmine, apricot, rose, cocoa, tonka, black tea, amber accord, vanilla.  You may also detect: smoke, spice

Devotion - a vintage-inspired fragrance featuring a classic soft floral heart of rose, iris and geranium, accented with a sweet and spicy top note and a gourmand-musky drydown. Devotion is an ode to nostalgia, to the beautiful aromas of childhood and youth, of nurturing and comfort and a free spirit. It is inspired by the things we treasure the most.

Notes: blood orange, black pepper, cardamom, iris, rose, ylang ylang, geranium, cocoa, amber, vanilla. You may also detect: cinnamon, black tea

Freedom - A wonderful blend of refreshing pink grapefruit and spiced pink peppercorn opening to a heart of Bulgarian and Moroccan rose, accented by a warming natural musk, ambrette seed. Freedom is inspired by the beauty found in simple things, and the light in your heart when you believe than anything is possible.

Notes: pink grapefruit, palmarosa, rosewood, magnolia, rose, peppercorn, Australian sandalwood, ambrette seed, benzoin. You may also detect: gardenia

Hope - One Seed's interpretation of a classic eau de cologne. A blend of creamy Australian sandalwood, cedar and dewy oakmoss, with a subtle undertone of green lavender and sunny citrus accents. Hope is inspired by the belief that all good things are worth waiting for.

Notes: bergamot, lime, cedarwood, lavender, Australian sandalwood, oakmoss, ambrette seed, tonka. You may also detect: lemon, grasses

Seeker - Seeker is a youthful scent created for the young and the young at heart. It is for endless adventures, for seeking truth in all things. Featuring fresh greens and delicate mossy notes entwined with milky coconut, vanilla and the scent of salt on damp skin.

Notes: coriander, coconut, vanilla, roasted basmati rice, oakmoss, ambrette seed. You may also detect: sea salt

Dreamer - A syrupy scent; burnt fig and heartwarming ginger. Orange blossoms unfurl their petals towards the sky, the quiet hours of morn, full of reverie. Almost edible, one for the gourmands. Round, dewy stone fruits in the height of summer. Sweet tangerine dreams.

Notes: Orange blossom, Ginger, Clary sage, Tangerine, Mimosa, Stone fruits, Pink pepper, Burnt fig

Synphony - A chorus in the fields, an orchestra of flowers. A crescendo of sweet spices, from places far and long remembered. Dappled sunlight on pale skin and the inhalation of warm mossy breeze. Life is in the air beneath the jasmine vine. The song of spring.

Notes: Jasmine, Cardamom, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Green mandarin



Natural perfume is made with 100% natural ingredients, and may be in either an oil or
natural alcohol base. It may or may not include animal extracts such as
ambergris, beeswax, honey etc, but in modern day perfumery, natural perfume will not
include extracts from animals that are derived by harming an animal. ONE SEED perfumes do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are cruelty-free.

Eau de parfum:  organic sugar cane ethanol, 100% natural fragrance (natural and organic plant extracts), purified water.

Oil-based roll on concentrate: organic jojoba oil, 100% natural fragrance (natural and organic plant extracts), vitamin E, rosemary extract.

Multipurpose elixirs: Avocado (Persea Gratissima) oil*, Camellia (Camellia Oleifera) oil*, olive (Olea Europaea) oil*, pomegranate (Punica Granatum) oil*, jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) oil*, grapeseed (Vitis Vinifera) oil*, hempseed (Cannabis Sativa) oil*,) meadowfoam (Limnanthes Alba) oil, sea buckthorn berries (Hippophae Rhamnoides) extract* , parfum (100% natural fragrance blend), natural vitamin E (tocopherol), rosemary(Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) and Rosmarinus Officinalis) extract. [+/- from  essential oils: benzyl alcohol, geraniol, farsenol, linalool, benzyl benzoate, citronellol, d- limonene]. *ingredients from organic farming

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